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One Minutes

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James Rhys


One Minutes, an epic exploration into the world of cinema, is comprised of a series of films all exactly one minute in length. Each film either spoofs, satirises or homage's a different style or genre.

One Minutes; traces the origins of cinema back to the 1890’s as we spend an afternoon with Douglas Wilson and his gardner; features early cinematic story telling from the 1910's with the rags to riches tale of a Victorian chimney sweep; goes back to the 1930’s following Gangsters armed with violin cases; fires with all guns blazing in a classic spaghetti western stand off; relives gory shock-horrors in a 70’s style gore fest; refreshes the 1980’s re-recurring slasher serial killer as demonic librarian Mrs. Burrows kills the offending teens who haven't returned their library books on time; cruises with two guys in their car as they get into an argument over Ninja Turtles in a tribute to American independent films from the early 90's; travels through world cinema visiting Modern German Cinema, Danish Dogme, Bollywood, the French New Wave and beyond.

Horror, drama, thriller, comedy, war, animation, film noir - One Minutes covers as many genres and styles as the hour hand will allow.


Type of film
Running Time
75 mins
Mini DV
Philip Pugh
John Allen, Nusha Amini, Martin Nigel Davey
John Allen, Nusha Amini, Martin Nigel Davey
Philip Pugh, John Allen
Philip Pugh
Director of Photography
James Rhys
Dmitry Kormann, Chris Frost, Mark Adair
Principal Cast
Martin Nigel Davey, Mike Baughan, James Kennedy, Ian Pugh, Melanie Revill, Gary Keane


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Last updated 27th November 2008

Production Company

Philip Pugh

T +44 (0) 7974 783 020


Philip Pugh

T +44 (0) 7974 783 020