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One More Kiss

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He who returns has never left

Pablo Neruda

When Sarah Hopson realises her successful high-rise New York lifestyle is devoid of meaning, she packs her bags and heads for her home town in the Scottish Borders to look for Sam, her childhood sweetheart and the only man she ever loved.

Sam Murray runs a restaurant. He and Sarah grew up together and Sam hoped they'd grow old together. His world fell apart the day Sarah left and now she's back; standing on his doorstep telling him she'd like to spend some time with him, turn his life inside out all over again. He introduces her to his wife and explains that now, his time belongs to someone else.

Sarah leaves the restaurant dejected and returns to the house where she grew up, where her father still lives. Not that he wants to see her. Frank has been sitting in the same arm chair for the last seven years and doesn't particularly want to get out of it. Not for anybody. Not until his daughter tells him why she's back.

One More Kiss is a story about rediscovering love and how when perceptions are forced to change, life can hold an entirely different meaning.


Type of film
Running Time
97 mins
35mm Kodak
Vadim Jean
Sara Giles, Derek Roy
Joe McNally
Suzie Halewood
Director of Photography
Mike Fox
Mike Lax, Tommy Hair, Ian Wilson
John Murphy, David Hughes
Principal Cast
Gerry Butler, James Cosmo, Valerie Edmond, Valerie Gogan


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