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Perfect 10 (Perfect Ten)

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Fourteen year old Leigh dreams of scoring a perfect ten at the upcoming gymnastics championships. But it’s hard to be the best when you can barely afford the train fare to practice and you feel like you’ll never be as good as the other, more confident girls in class. Her dad’s not around much - but she looks after herself just fine.
When her cocky half-brother Joe comes to stay, Leigh isn’t impressed. She didn’t know she had a brother and definitely doesn’t want one now. Angry at the intrusion, Leigh sets about making his life as difficult as possible. But, when she isn’t picked for the squad, Joe is the only person that seems to care. He introduces her to the scooter gang he rides with and Leigh finds a release in the wild energy of the Brighton moped scene - beginning to live a double life which makes her reassess the meaning of perfection.


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Eva Riley
Jacob Thomas
Eva Riley

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Last updated 12th February 2018

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Eva Riley