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Pervirella is a dreamlike vision of a mythical age, combining opulent full-size sets, weird and wonderful miniatures, model animation and extravagant costumes. Pervirella is a classic comic book character based on Modesty Blaise, Barbarella and Penelope Pitstop: beautiful yet deadly. Growing into a voluptuous damsel from a baby within seconds, Pervirella's childlike innocence plays host to a lustful, deceitful sex demon of incredible powers!

Powers coveted by the evil Cult of Perv and the plant sorcerers of Amazonia! Powers only held in check by an ancient amulet with a rather loose clasp! Powers which could corrupt her soul and plunge the world into turmoil!

We follow the erratic progress of a group of oddball adventurers as they fight their way across strange continents in even stranger vehicles. They flirt with danger all the way, in a desperate romp to save the luscious Pervirella!


Type of film
Running Time
95 mins
Super 16mm, Kodak, Afga, Fuji
Alex Chandon
Cyril B. DeMille
Executive Producer
Cyril B. DeMille
Director of Photography
John Ford, Cobra Media
Principal Cast
Jonathan Ross, David Warbeck, Eileen Daly, Emily Bouffante
Screen Writers
Josh Collins, Alex Chandon


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Last updated 26th November 2005

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RHB Exotic Entertainment
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