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Joe McStravick


Tomboyish Pumpgirl loses herself in girlish daydreams about stock-car driver Hammy. She naively believes that Hammy loves her and will leave his wife, Sinead.

Stuck in a loveless marriage with Hammy, Sinead’s need to be stimulated spiritually pulls her into an adulterous passion with Shawshank.

When Shawshank realises that the lascivious Hammy has a soft spot for Pumpgirl, he orchestrates a gang rape of her.

Hammy is filled with conscience-stricken despair after the rape and seeks solace in his family. Pumpgirl starts to stalking Hammy and is furious when she sees him play happy families with Sinead and the kids. Unfortunately, Sinead is now pregnant with Shawshank’s child.

As Hammy’s guilt turns to self loathing, he decides to set fire to Shawshank’s truck. He tries to call Sinead and, when she fails to reply, anguished, indeed suicidal, he attaches a tube to the exhaust pipe on his car, feeds it through the window and sits down inside.

Ignoring Hammy’s calls, Sinead is trying to tell Shawshank about the baby. Shawshank misunderstands Sinead’s intentions and becomes violent.

Finally realising that she had been deluding herself about Hammy, Pumpgirl kidnaps his kids Kelly and Darren. Eventually, she relents and delivers them safely to Sinead.


Type of film
Running Time
90 mins
Carol Moore 1st Feature
Chris Parr, Anthony Rowe, Chris Martin
Brian Philip Davis
Abbie Spallen
Director of Photography
Angus Mitchell
Production Designer
Kieran McNulty
Marty Harrison
Principal Cast
Gerard Murphy, Geraldine Hughes, Richard Dormer, Natasha Heaney

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Last updated 6th January 2009

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