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  • Edmond, directed by Nina Ganz was awarded the 2016 BAFTA for Best Short Animation

Edmond, directed by Nina Ganz was awarded the 2016 BAFTA for Best Short Animation

You can download a copy of our 2018 UK Animation Catalogue here
Animate Projects

Animate Projects producs and curates projects across animation, film and art, working in collaboration with a range of partners, in a variety of contexts – engaging audiences in the gallery, cinema, museum, public spaces, online and through broadcast.


Arts Council England
ACE welcomes and supports proposals for funding from animators and organisations working with animation that help us to deliver our mission of great art and culture for everyone.The 'Grants for the Arts' programme is for activities carried out over a set period which engage people in England in arts activities, and help artists and arts organisations in England carry out their work. The Arts Council supports 'animation projects which are experimental in form or content, or technologically innovative'.
'Grants for the Arts' is funded by the National Lottery.


British Animation Awards

The biennial British Animation Awards recognizes excellence in the field of animation. The awards include works from students, commercials, short films, children’s entertainment, experimental work, feature films and music videos. DVDs of the best of the awards are available for the public to buy as well as specially curated DVDs of animation from around the world.

Encounters Short Film Festival
The Encounters Short Film Festival in Bristol showcases over 280 international short films, including a major focus on animation.


London International Animation Festival
The London International Animation Festival (LIAF) is a major annual showcase for independent animation, presenting one of the largest collections of auteur independent animation gathered at any festival in the world.


Manchester Animation Festival
Manchester Animation Festival is a celebration of the animated art form. Hosted at HOME in Manchester’s First Street complex, the festival brings one of the UK’s biggest animation hubs together and invites the international community to join together to delight in all things animated.


McLaren Award for British Animation
Named for the Scottish animator Norman McLaren, the award is supported by the British Council, and decided by audience vote at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.


UK Screen Alliance (formerly Animation UK)
Animation UK campaigned for fairer trading conditions for UK animation producers, to help protect or increase the production and ownership 
of IP that is of such value to the UK. In December 2016 Animation UK merged with the UK Screen Association to form UK Screen Alliance, which represents all parts of the animation industry, production facilities and specialist services firms, including those in the VFX and post-production sector, to establish a new unified trade body for screen industries.


Animation Alliance UK
Animation Alliance UK is a broad, informal association of independent animation professionals – animators, programmers, producers, researchers, critics, academics, studios, festivals – across a wide range of creative and professional practice and engagement. Its focus is on independent practice and cultural film.


Animated Women UK
Animated Women UK supports a network of women who can help each other achieve success at every stage of the animation or VFX pipeline. This change will be visible when we see results such as: better female characters on screen, an increase in women-led start-ups and an increase in women winning awards in technical areas.


Show Me the Animation
Show Me The Animation is a Bristol based organisation created for the animation community, providing news and listings and offering a showcase of the best animation talent from around the globe.


Skwigly Animation Magazine
Skwigly is the longest running UK based animation magazine and community, publishing news, interviews, reviews, podcasts, videos and tutorials. Skwigly cover all aspects of animation, from the biggest Hollywood blockbusters to the best independent short films.