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Rhinoceros Hunting in Budapest


The story begins with a young American man flying overseas to hunt rhinos in Africa with his estranged girlfriend who is currently living in Paris. As the background of the story is revealed, we learn that his search for her may not be as sincere and untainted as he had led everyone to believe. Upon arriving in Paris, the young man encounters Teen, a lonely despondent girl in need of comfort who offers to help in the search, only to discover that the girlfriend, who now goes by the name of Lola, is working as a stripper in Budapest with her new manager. After a fall out with Teen, the boy makes his way to Budapest and tracks Lola down in a prostitution house where he confronts her (and his own feelings) in a chilling choreographed climax.


Type of film
Running Time
102 mins
Michael Haussman
George Klein, Samuel Hadida
Director of Photography
Nicola Pecorini
Principal Cast
Glenn Fitzgerald, Karine A. Drover, Ewen Bremner, Alexi Sayle and Nick Cave
Screen Writer
Michael Haussman


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