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Right Hand Drive

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    Pine Road Pictures


Evan lives in a small English village with his eccentric, evangelistic Aunt. A simple life, a regular routine with an ordinary job. His world is small. His girl is just a friend he’s known since childhood and the only regular trouble is the racism shown to his best friend Sri. His aunt attends the small village chapel and he goes with her more out of habit than conviction, after all, he has more interesting and less weird things to do, like restoring his old Porsche. But life is not so simple. First his job disappears and then the yanks appear driving on the wrong side of the road with nearly fatal consequences. With the Americans temporarily stranded, his Aunt invites them to stay at the cottage and everything changes. With an attractive daughter, and cynical father, trans-Atlantic horizons and conflicts open up. The young man, encouraged to try on a new worldly outlook, seems poised for success in romance and business, except that, his friends, heritage and moral code are falling painfully by the wayside. What’s a man to do when caught between obscurity and success, between new and old, between the familiar and the foreign?


Type of film
Running Time
99 mins
Mark Kalbskopf
Debbie Crosscup
Debbie Crosscup
Peter Hollywood
Mark Kalbskopf
Director of Photography
Nicholas J S Wise
Production Designer
Nicola Dietmann
Dominique Devoucoux, Vanesa Lorena Tate
George Kallis
Principal Cast
Ed Jaspers, Annabelle Wallis, Laura Donnelly, Josh Cole, Claire Welch


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Last updated 1st September 2014

Production Company

Pine Road Pictures UK Ltd

T +44 (0)1703 574 4889