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Rough Around The Edges

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Sarah Zagni


Dole cheat Jeff picks up easy money, and women, as a male stripper known as “Mr Excalibur”, yet he’s strangely reluctant to go all the way.

He lives next door to a bent, racist copper called Mr Pepper, who is hell bent on revenge against a trio of taxi drivers he blames for his woes.

These taxi drivers, unaware of Pepper’s intentions, have their hands full with a problem of their own; they’ve accidentally suffocated a passenger by letting him sleep off a hang over in the boot of a taxi. They try every which way to dispose of the body, from an ill-judged attempt to feed it to piranha fish, to an unofficial burial.

Meanwhile Louise, a ruthless student, sets her sights on the local hunk Danny, who‘s dating the town bike. She uses foul means to split them up, and announces a party at the weekend to charm him into her bed.

Can the taxi drivers dispose of the dead body before the bent copper gets his revenge?

Will Louise outwit the town bike and sink her claws into the local hunk?

And just why won’t male stripper “Mr Excalibur” go all the way?


Type of film
Running Time
103 mins
Jim Dickinson
Jess Hinchliffe, Granville Dickinson, Jess Hinchliffe
Jess Hinchliffe, Granville Dickinson, Jess Hinchliffe
Christophe Entressengle
Jim Dickinson
Director of Photography
Vanessa Haley
Production Designer
Jess Hinchliffe
Paul Alderson
New Vinyl
Principal Cast
Clive Cope, Steve Garry, Kay Mallinson, Zahir Ahmed, Hannah Robson, Campbell Foster


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Last updated 14th December 2009

Production Company

Big Cheese Films Ltd
143 High Street
Hanging Heaton
West Yorkshire WF17 6DP

T +44 (0)1924 782 084