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Seat In Shadow

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Out of the imagination of acclaimed artist-filmmaker Henry Coombes comes Albert, an eccentric, aging painter doubling as an unconventional, Jung-inspired psychotherapist. When Albert’s friend asks him to counsel her lethargic grandson Ben, whose ongoing boyfriend problems are rapidly fueling an already deep depression, their subsequent therapy sessions reveal as much about Albert as they do about the troubled young man.
After a visit to his studio by his chain-smoking tea swilling mate Marcella, Albert agrees to just one therapy session with the troubled Ben unsure as he is as to how he can help him... this quickly becomes extended however as Ben begins to see the benefits of his engagement with the older man. Things take a turn howvere when Ben starts to question Alberts won behaviour, and consequently the methods by which Albert is driving him. Meanwhile Alberts own behaviour becomes more outrageous as he behaves with more excess and immaturity than the boy he is trying to help!
Coombes’ debut feature is a witty, perceptive study of social mores, sexual excess and the bizarre, symbiotic relationship between doctor and patient; teacher and pupil; artist and muse.


Type of film
Running Time
82 mins
Alexa HIgh Definition
Henry Coombes 1st Feature
Deva Smith
Executive Producer
Karen Smyth
Geri Toth, Kurosh Kani
Henry Coombes, David Sillars
Director of Photography
David Liddell
Production Designer
Henry Coombes
John Cobban
Tut Lu Vu
Principal Cast
David Sillars, Jonathan Leslie, Marcella McIntosh, Lee Partridge, Robert Williamson
Film Images
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