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A west bound, no-place comprised of flyovers, slip roads and cracked concrete.

Here thirty year old Marvin is stuck in a teenager’s life: working in motorway services, spending his evenings in abandoned, overgrown fields - watching the light change, apparently biding his time.

Traffic rushes through, trippers stopping only for fuel and food. Rural life has been abandoned. Villages sprawl into deadend suburbs. Only Roland has been here as long as Marvin, relentlessly talking of leaving, never doing it, aggravating the still confidence of Marvin’s moments.

When the catalyst for change arrives it does so in the strangest form, that of a foul-mouthed foreign adolescent. She appears in Marvin’s abandoned field to practise her extraordinary act, and this image of a tiny, runtish girl, hovering an inch above the long thistles, sets Marvin into a spin. Everything changes.

As he fights to help her, something finally changes in Marvin.; something that could take him anywhere.

September conjures a world of mesmerizing skies, failures, jealousy, hopes, outsiders and motorway roars to painting original cinematic landscape. Cars race below, leaving Marvin on the bridge, we trundle down the motorway, light intermittently hitting the windscreen through the trees, and the film flutters out of existence to leave its audience, like Marvin, strangely altered.

Financed by the UK Film Council, the film stars (Nicholas Aaron) as boy/man Marvin, and (Tim Plester) plays Roland. Produced by Met Films, September is a long short, mashing HD and 16mm, with music from Kaada, Crescent, Bass Clef and Tom Bugs. Writer/director Esther May Campbell picked up the Best British Film Award at Encounters 2008.


Type of film
Running Time
21 mins
Esther May Campbell
Ricky Watson, Paul Galloway, Kate Byers, Linn Waite
Ricky Watson, Paul Galloway, Kate Byers, Linn Waite
John Minton
Esther May Campbell
Director of Photography
Zac Nicholson
Production Designer
Jane Linz Roberts
David Brookfield
Tom Bugs
Principal Cast
Nick Aaron, Tim Plester, Georgia Henderson

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Last updated 7th January 2009

Production Company

Met Film
Ealing Studios
Ealing Green
London W5 5EP

T +44 (0)20 8280 9127