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Servants' Quarters

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High-flying City lawyer, Amy Mustafi, moves into stately Winterstoke House in the English countryside following a breakdown at her work place, caused by the bipolar disorder she has battled all her life. Amy is charged with setting up the new family home while her husband Shayan ties up a business deal abroad.
A Romanian housekeeper and her young brother are engaged to help Amy run the house. They soon find a sealed off entrance to the former servants’ quarters of the estate. Upon opening the long-forgotten door, a string of seemingly supernatural incidents begin to occur.
Amy discovers the mansion has guarded a mystery for over a century. In 1914, three servants disappeared and the estate was swiftly abandoned by its former aristocrat owner, who fled never to return. She begins to obsess over solving the mystery, whilst unknowingly stoking her simmering mania. Is there something else at Winterstoke House with Amy? Or is it all a phantasm borne out of Amy's mental instability?


Type of film
Running Time
102 mins
Paul Raschid 1st Feature
Neville Raschid
Executive Producer
Danesh Varma, James Robertson, Keith Hayley
Alex Morgan
Paul Raschid
Director of Photography
Glen Warrillow
Production Designer
Lee Fenton-Wilkinson
Sound Disposition
Xiaotian Shi
Principal Cast
Jenna Harrison, Tom Benedict Knight, Candis Nergaard, Paul Raschid, Emmanuel Imani, Suzanna Hamilton, Michael Culver

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Last updated 12th November 2016

Production Company

Aviary Films Limited
Neville Raschid