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Service Man


Jason Nicholls a free spirit and has a very casual attitude towards things and can't seem to hold down a stable job or career. Once again he has been fired from his job. With society in a recession, he knows that he has a slim chance of finding a new job.

Jason sees an advertisement to join the Royal Air Force (RAF). He pictures a career, jets, uniform and thinks 'why not?'. So he goes and joins. It is whilst under the care and training of the RAF that Jason becomes a better man. He looks smarter, and starts to develop pride in what he does. He also comes to realize and further develop his love and passion for boxing.

However, Jason encounters obstacles along the way! He has to re-sit a crucial examination where repeat failure is not an option! His mother is diagnosed with breast cancer. He develops a new love interest and has a rival in Corporal Wright (RAF Regiment) whom he has to face in an RAF Charity Boxing Match. Jason must maintain good relationships with his friends and RAF training staff and still pass his military training, if he is to become a SERVICE MAN!


Type of film
Running Time
105 mins
James Nunn
Rebecca-Clare Evans
Rebecca-Clare Evans
Martin J Thomas
Principal Cast
Tamer Hassan, Sebastian Street, Simon Phillips, Rita Ramnani, Katarina Korbelova, Simon Webbe, Rebecca-Clare Evans, Tommy Gunn, Tony Cook, Marcus Ako, John Mawson, David McIntosh, Damar Martin, John Mawson, Damar Martin, Garth Maunders, Paul Jaques, Jermaine Curtis Liburd, Harriet Law

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Last updated 25th March 2010