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Seven Africans

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In the eighteen years since Renewed World was started its four founders have been celebrated the globe over for making environmentalism the darling of Wall Street. Tomorrow their shareholders will pass an historic proposal that will combat the thriving black market factories in seven African nations with an incentivized package of corporate aid.

However, the conscience of one of the founders has caught up with him. His nights have been sleepless; his guilt reaches deep. For he knows Renewed World's actions have never been wholly altruistic. Surely, tomorrow is no different.

Tonight, these men will war.

So much of life is a series of moral compromises. To use Star Wars characters allegorically: what if the Emperor (Anthony) and Darth Vader (Teeb) were not up to an overtly dastardly deed, but to an accepted one, one that is legally valid the world over (with the backing of the WTO, World Bank and western governments) but morally questionable.

This film presents the idea that in the real world the true face of 'the Dark Side' lives in the cracks of legal precedents. It's our own face, essentially. And what exactly are we prepared to do about that at the moment our conscience calls?


Type of film
Running Time
89 mins
Tes Noah Asfaw 1st Feature
Marc Hughes, Iji Asfaw
Marc Hughes, Iji Asfaw
Alistair Kerr
Tes Noah Asfaw
Director of Photography
Hu Wei
Production Designer
Fabrice Spelta
Richard De Mowbray
Principal Cast
Matt Warman, Mark Kane, Edmund Dehn, Gunther Wurger, Tova Leigh


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Last updated 23rd January 2011

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