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Seven Games


Willem Shaw's life is comfortable. The owner of a successful business, he's happily married with two children he adores. They live in a community where Willem is liked and respected. Spiritually, he's never questioned the safe beliefs he was brought up with. The only blot in his life is the local football club. The team he avidly supports has not won all season. Dispirited, clueless and with seven games to go, it is a dead-cert to disappear into the abyss of non-league football.
For Willem, this is worse than death.

But when a highly unlikely, fatal accident coincides with Willem's beloved United recording an equally unlikely win, the two ideas of death and victory merge inextricably together. He becomes convinced winning the seven games the club needs to survive can be delivered. All the god of football demands in return for each win is - sacrifice.

Willem finds himself on a slippery slope of increasingly risky, gruesome, but blackly comic murders. And he goes on a journey of dark self-discovery that confronts every certainty he holds about life, belief and the weird connection between being a fan and the ancient power of prayer.


Type of film
Running Time
Mark Elliott
Elaine Taylor
Jeff Williams, Mark Elliott


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