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Shadows Within


In a truly terrifying and gruesome original script, Shadows Within is the first chapter of the ‘Unholy Trinity’, that takes you on a heart-stopping ridefrom the intriguing beginning to the shocking end.

In the 1970’s, the town of Whitchurch was terrorised by a satanic cult led by the maniacal Samuel. To the towns relief, the police led by Detective Lyons, stopped the cult before they could sacrifice their next victim, Alison. With the death of their leader, the cult died, or so everyone thought. Nearly forty yearslater the killings have begun again and the body count is beginning to rise. Recognising the satanic markings, Lyons brings in Alex, the police coroner, tohelp search for any hidden clues as to who and why the satanic cult has beenreborn. As Alex delves deeper into the dark world, he puts not only himself but alsohis family into mortal danger. Watch in suspense as Alex desperately tries toput the pieces of the jigsaw together before his daughter, Alisha, becomes the next victim and literally all hell breaks out.


Type of film
Running Time
95 mins
SJ Evans 1st Feature
SJ Evans, Sousila Pillay
SJ Evans
Principal Cast
Tony Todd, Gunnar Hansen, Courtney Gains, Eileen Dietz, Tom Savini (TBC), Robert Englund (TBC)

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Last updated 8th December 2008

Production Company

Pillay-Evans Productions
2 Thurston Street
Cardiff CF5 1PN

T +44 (0)7961 486969