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Silent Hours

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Alfie Biddle/Silent Hours Ltd

  • Richard Hanson/Silent Hours Ltd

    Richard Hanson/Silent Hours Ltd


When three women are brutally murdered in four days, private detective John Duval, an ex-Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Navy and Naval Intelligence, finds himself the prime suspect in the police hunt for a sexual killer stalking the rain-grey naval city of Portsmouth during the Silent Hours - navy slang for the night period on a warship between ‘pipe down’ and ‘call the hands’ wherein the ship runs silent and dark...

Aware that he is their mark, Duval leads the police in a shadow-dance as he purports to pursue his own search for the allusive killer and, with the aid of psychiatrist Dr Catherine Benson, uncover the tortured psychology that is motivating the murders. But as his investigations progress and his involvement deepens, what emerges exponentially from those shadows are disturbing revelations of Duval’s own past.

Silent Hours: the murderer is different from other human beings in degree not in kind.


Type of film
Running Time
155 mins
2K Digital
Mark Greenstreet
Emma Pounds
Executive Producer
Jonathan Willis, Grace Miglio, Peter Clayton, Ken Brown
Mark Greenstreet
Mark Greenstreet
Director of Photography
Alfie Biddle
Production Designer
Sue Tanner
Henry Milliner
Guy-Roger Duvert
Principal Cast
James Weber Brown, Indira Varma, Dervla Kirwan, Hugh Bonneville, Andrew Whipp, Timothy Watson, Annie Cooper, Susie Amy, Danny Webb, Gary Powell, Alistair Petrie
Associate Producer
Dervla Kirwan
Marine Coordinator
Ian Creed

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Last updated 15th June 2015

Production Company

Gallery Pictures Ltd
Emma Pounds
T: +44 (0)1730 823 992