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Silent Knight

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Modern Life?


A deaf mute man called Guy and his gorgeous Japanese girlfriend Jasmine return to their car after a romantic day out. Guy has just proposed and they are both blissfully happy. Suddenly, the car park descends into chaos as a group of villains led by a mastermind called Kane crashes inside, engaged in a pounding gunfight with armed police units led by Detective Carter. The villains shoot wildly while the police try to take them down and there are casualties on both sides. Jasmine is caught in the crossfire and dies in Guy’s arms. The villains make their escape, having gunned down most of the police. They split up, due to rendezvous later on at Kane’s base. Guy, miraculously unscathed by the carnage, heads off on a deadly pursuit, intent on catching the criminals one by one, to avenge Jasmine’s death. Detective Carter, his brothers in arms dead, is obsessed with catching Kane and heads off on his own path to bring him to justice. We follow Carter's and Guy’s paths as they chase down and engage in combat with each criminal, on a vicious trail of revenge and destruction, until finally they fight a bloody path to Kane’s base for a final all-action confrontation.


Type of film
Running Time
86 mins
Ross Boyask
Adrian Foiadelli
Andy Scriven
Ross Boyask
Ross Boyask, Adrian Foiadelli
Michel De Mars
Principal Cast
Andy Prior, Gordon Alexander, Jeremy Bailey, Adrian Foiadelli, Terry Turbo, Brendan Carr

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Last updated 7th September 2006

Production Company

Modern Life? in assocation with Big Cat Productions
17 Fitzroy Road
East Sussex BN7 2UB

T+44 (0)7786 516728