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When Alex begrudgingly decides to pick up Vivienne, a young and feisty hitchhiker, little does he know that his world is about to be turned upside down. During the journey a logging truck hits them and Vivienne is killed. Devastated by the accident, Alex visits Vivienne's mother Linda, only to discover that she is autistic with little understanding of what has happened.

Alex feels compelled to stay with Linda and help with the funeral arrangements. He tries his best to be understanding of Linda's obsessive-compulsive nature, but can't help but find her behaviour frustrating.

While staying with Linda he begins an affair with her neighbour Maggie, much to the unhappiness of Clyde, a local policeman who has a crush on her. Clyde discovers that Alex recently left prison after being convicted for killing a man and immediately tells Maggie, but this doesn't dissuade her from her new and passionate liaison.
Alex slowly begins to understand and care for Linda, but as the funeral approaches the dark secrets of Alex's past emerge. With the help of Maggie's understanding and Linda's unique window into the world he manages to open his eyes to his past, enabling him to confront both the sadness and anger that have built up within him.

Snowcake is an emotionally powerful drama about learning to deal with the past, taking hold of the present and looking to the future.


Type of film
Running Time
112 mins
Marc Evans
Robert Jones, Henry Normal, Michael Winterbottom
Mags Arnold
Angela Pell
Director of Photography
Steve Cosens
Principal Cast
Alan Rickman, Sigourney Weaver, Carrie-Anne Moss, James Allodi


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