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Spinning Candyfloss

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© Anna Pernicci


An action film set in Britain's vicious gangster underworld. It's a tale of friendship against adversity. The story begins with the killing of Lloyd's younger DJ brother, Tom, at the hands of Dodge. We follow Lloyd's search for justice.

As the story untangles we are introduced to Mel and Colleen, desperate petty thieves who work for Dodge in his nightclub and are forced to stay by an ever-increasing debt to him for living expenses and Colleen's crack habit.

It's not long before they are given an ultimatum: find the money or turn tricks for Dodge. Mel plots their escape. She vows to get enough cash to get away and get Colleen cleaned up. They manage to escape with the club's takings. Hot footed they are pursued by Dodge. Desperate, they make their way to the rooftop where they manage to elude him.

Mel and Colleen are on the run in Margate where they find work on the seafront spinning candyfloss .

It's not long before Colleen's obsession with thieving draws the two back to London. Dodge finally catches up with them on the streets around King's Cross.


Type of film
Running Time
70 mins
Beta SP
Anna Pernicci
Nicolas Bloom
Executive Producer
Nicolas Bloom
Nigel G Honey
Anna Pernicci
Director of Photography
Mark Young
Principal Cast
Shaka Bunsie, Daz Crawford, Gary Grant, Judith Shekoni, Tiffany Stevenson

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Last updated 22nd June 2011

Production Company

Anna Pernicci
Tortoise Rock Films

Jay Schachter
Mavrick Artists Agency
6100 Wilshire Blvd
Ste 550
Los Angeles
CA 90048 USA

T +1 323 931 5555
F +1 323 931 5554