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Split Wide Open

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After 50 years of being the world's largest democracy, 1 billion people are finally coming out in the open. What happens when Indians start talking about sex? What happens in a land of extreme wealth and extreme poverty?

Welcome to India 2000! Meet KP! He's a hustler who sells water to the poor and Evian to the rich. His adopted sister Didi stalks the traffic lights and sells flowers to survive.

Nan (Nandita) an expatriate Indian from London, hosts an exploitation television show where people come and in darkness talk about their secret sexual lives. The confessions are funny, kinky and sad.

Welcome to Split Wide Open.

KP incurs the wrath of the Water Mafia don he works for, when he brokers a deal independently and is brutally punished. He returns home dispossessed of his belongings, his tenement and finds Didi missing.

Television and the streets of Bombay meet when the worlds of KP and Nan collide. Searching for Didi on the mean streets of Bombay, KP learns that lost innocence can't be regained while Nan discovers that television is helpless against the tides and temptations of the city. Until a guest on the show offers a clue about the missing Didi.

In search of Didi, KP gets enmeshed in different worlds from Nandita's show. Several stories emerge to form a vivid tapestry of the city. Nan's show becomes popular but the sensational confessions on her voyeuristic TV show are removed from reality it's still television.

Sex and poverty mingle to question our notions of morality. Split Wide Open is about the new Indian and the profound changes taking place as the country tries to redefine its culture for the next century.


Type of film
Running Time
104 mins
35mm Kodak
Dev Benegal
Manmohan Shetty, Suresh Thomas
Director of Photography
Sukumar Jatania
Vikram Joglekar
Nitin Sawhney
Principal Cast
Rahul Bose, Laila Rouass, Farida Haider Mulla
Screen Writer
Farukkh Dhondy


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Last updated 26th November 2005

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