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Starry Night

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When Vincent Van Gogh committed suicide in despair in 1890, he was considered a failure - only one of his nine hundred paintings had been sold during his lifetime. Within the last decade, four of his paintings were sold for between $33 and $79 million dollars. Starry Night, a modern fable, begins in 1885, as Vincent is painting his masterpiece, 'The Potato Eaters,' in Holland. A peasant woman, while posing for him, offers him a potion with the power to call him back after his death for 100 days to set right the pain he suffered in his former life. This romantic fantasy film explores what Vincent would do if he were given 100 days to come back to life in today's world. A century is a long time to wait for your dreams to come true, but for Vincent, with the help of a cunning lawyer and the love of an understanding woman, he has a second chance.


Type of film
Running Time
102 mins
Paul Davids
Anil Urmil, Felicity Newman
Executive Producer
Anil Urmil, Felicity Newman
Eileen Mulvey
Director of Photography
David W. Smith
Ferenc Lukacs
Brad Warnarr, Don McLean
Principal Cast
Abbott Alexander, Lisa Waltz, Sally Kirkland, Lou Wagner, Brian Drillinger
Screen Writer
Paul Davids


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