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Qi’an and Aimo are students and close friends living in London. Having been offered a weekend job as translators, they travel to an old English family mansion in the countryside. They are to transcribe the films of a Chinese Kunqu Opera star Susu who married into the English family.
The two girls are intrigued by the mansion and the enormous collection of items from the golden age of cinema, but Qi’an and Aimo quickly become unsettled by the strange environment and the family members who live at the mansion. Their host Shirley, a wheelchair bound transvestite; a 90 year old housekeeper Margaret; an eccentric priest who lives next door; and an ambitious journalist, who visits to source material for a biography of Susu all make the girls realise that life at the mansion is not as it seems.
Qi’an feels uneasy and suggests to Aimo that they should leave as soon as possible. However, the arrival of the handsome heir to the house, Benjamin, changes the situation. Both girls develop affections for him and a growing tension develops between them. Aimo goes missing and Qi’an discovers some of the disturbing secrets that occupants of the house would rather not reveal. Qi’an tries to escape, just as Susu did some 28 years before, but the house cannot allow her to reveal the truth…


Type of film
Running Time
104 mins
Yixi Sun 1st Feature
Yixi Sun, Norman J Warren
Zhe Yang, Yixin Zhang
Executive Producer
Norman J Warren, Mangye Li, Tony Maher
Yixi Sun
Yixi Sun
Director of Photography
Jun Keung Cheung
Production Designer
Lorna Gay Copp
Andrei Leskovski
Fabien Garosi, Wan Pin Chu
Principal Cast
Fredrick Szkoda, Zitong Wu, Steve Edwin, Tom Mannion, Lin Zhu, Junjie Mao
Costume Designer
Camille Adomakoh
Hair and Make-up Artist
Natasha Huang
Sound Supervisor
Andy Coles
Sound Designer
Alex Jodeph
Andy Lee

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Last updated 27th June 2017

Production Company

Fcthemovie Ltd.
Yixi Sun