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Taking My Skin

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I'm not aware of you taking my skin, says the artist's mother to the camera as it zooms in on her eye as close as the lens will allow. Taking My Skin tracks a dialogue between the artist and her mother. Their exchange ranges from narrating the filming process 'in the moment' to relations in an earlier time - 'how long do you think it takes for a child to become separate?' Throughout the journey film spaces continuously dissolve and collapse only to separate again. Sometimes the artist is behind the camera, sometimes the mother, sometimes both simultaneously behind and in front, or neither. Both perform, film, and alternately instruct, position and direct the other. Formally and thematically, the film is an exploration of closeness, of synching, and the threat this poses to the self.


Type of film
Running Time
35 mins
16mm, DigiBeta
Sarah Pucill
Sarah Pucill
S Pucill, Mairead MacClean
Director of Photography
Megan Frazer
Sarah Pucill, Mairead MacClean
Principal Cast
Jane Pucill, Sarah Pucill

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Last updated 8th November 2007

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Sarah Pucill