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Tales of the Clyde

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Following a small group of passengers on a day excursion upon the River Clyde in Scotland, aboard the famous Waverley, the last sea-going Paddle Steamer in the World.
Sitting together on the deck, enjoying some drinks under the Scottish sun, they pass the time sharing a few stories, which of course they maintain all to be true, and just so happens to involve people they know, or friends of people they know.
The passengers share four tales together, which make up the four segments of the film; 'Truth Machine', 'Chatroom Desire', 'Spark of Innocence' and 'Adam's Journey'. The first three tales seem grounded in what could appear to be very possible circumstances, but the final tale seems perhaps a bit far-fetched, surrounded and steeped in supernatural drama.


Type of film
Digital Capture
Harry Taggart
Harry Taggart

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Last updated 15th August 2011

Production Company

OpticEye Productions (initial development)