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A group of youthful robbers are looking for a retirement fund. But the mob and the police want them to keep working - for them.

$teal is an action packed robbery story. Lead character Slim is as smart as they come and has come up with a daring plan: pull off five heists in a week, using a different extreme sport each time to make the getaway.

But after only two heists the gang net $20 million in untraceable bearer bonds. Why risk your neck when you've made more money than you've ever dreamt about?

However, a crooked cop has traced them (supposed to be on the good side, he is rotten to the core) and wants a piece of the action. In fact he wants it all. He forces Slim and his gang to go through with the rest of the plan, but they're going to have to hand him all the money from each successive heist. Only the last heist is going to be a bloodbath: every member of the gang is not going to get away alive from that one.

Slim has two other minor problems: the bearer bonds are owned by the mob, and suddenly the young gang have a holy hitman on their tails.

And Carmen, Slim's newfound girlfriend? She's a cop.


Type of film
Running Time
84 mins
35mm Kodak
Gérard Pires
Jonathan Vanger, John Fremes
Veronique Lange
Mark Ezra, Gérard Pires
Director of Photography
Tetsuo Nagata
Colin Nicolson
B 5 Atomic
Principal Cast
Stephen Dorff, Natasha Henstridge, Stephen Berkoff


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