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That's for me!


Zara Zimmerman is a North London wannabe on a mission to crack the big-time at any cost, and her family will do anything to help her get there. No matter that she is utterly talentless and has been rejected by every actors’ agent going: every Friday night, her equally delusional mother, failed actor father and an assortment of dysfunctional relatives conspire over chicken soup to plot her inevitable rise to stardom. But when even a celebrity life coach fails to deliver, they realize the time has come for some rather more desperate measures.

A mockumentary in the style of This Is Spinal Tap with a cringe factor that would make The Office’s David Brent blush, That’s For Me! is a biting satire on fame that will make you laugh and hide in your seats with its outrageous characters and pitiless portrayal of family values gone wrong. Featuring outstanding performances from leading British talent including Harriet Thorpe and Steve Furst, That’s For Me! is a razor-sharp take on the Big Brother quest for those elusive fifteen minutes.


Type of film
Running Time
87 mins
Mini DV
Claudia Solti
Andras Hamori
Andras Hamori
Claire Pringle, Ian Burke, Sasha Olswang
Claudia Solti, Debra Tammer
Director of Photography
Benjamin Pritchard
Principal Cast
Debra Tammer, Steve Furst, Harriet Thorpe, Ken Kennedy, Alex Hughes, Akbar Kurtha, David C Stone

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