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The Big Finish

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Gary and Tom have been friends since birth. They have many shared experiences and developed similar outlooks on the world. A world, which they feel, is quick to reject anything that does not appear to fit in. A superficial world. Gary and Tom feel they are misfits because they have no desire to conform.

At college together, studying courses that they have long lost their enthusiasm for, on the last day of the autumn term, 6 months before their final exams, they decide to leave it all behind.

However taking advantage of their media studies course they record their last day for prosperity. Intending to repay the cruel instigators of their often humiliating time spend studying, they line up a dazzling array of practical jokes, pranks and wind-ups.

Attempting to conceal their actions and avoid the attention of a potentially violent gang of "popular" students proves just a little bit too much, with disturbing consequences, ensuring that their last day leads to "The Big Finish" that they weren't exactly looking for.


Type of film
Running Time
94 mins
Betacam Sp, Digi Beta
Heather Brothers
John P Griffin
Executive Producer
John P Griffin
Heather Brothers
Heather Brothers
Director of Photography
Vic Slark
Jacob Heather
Tarin Heaton-Heather (The Outsiders)
Principal Cast
Gary Moreline, Tom Woodman, Kevin Bishop, Barry McNicholl, Marcel McCalla, Jane Peachey


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Last updated 26th November 2005

Production Company

Slice Films Ltd.
Contact: Lisa Emmett
35-37 William Road
London NW1 3ER

T 020 7388 3387
F 020 7383 0302