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The Blade

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Polash, a 14-year-old British-Bangladeshi school going boy, has become mentally imbalanced to see the death of his classmate Freddy, a British-African boy, on his lap. An egoistic clash between Polash’s two other classmates John, an English boy and Nafiz, a British-Pakistani boy, brings death to Freddy. Smoking cannabis, carrying knives, dominating others violently is the ornament of the life to John and Nafiz. Polash tries in vain to bring his friends Nafiz and John to sanity.

One day Nafiz and John have become enemies of each other because of John’s Bangladeshi girlfriend called Mina; they attack each other with the knives, Freddy and Polash want to stop them but by an accident John’s knife stabs Freddy, Freddy dies leaving Polash mentally sick, John and Nafiz end up with prison.

Razia, Polash’s lonely widowed mother, can not take the pain of seeing his only son abnormal. She seeks help from her friend psychiatrist Dr Ahmed. Dr Ahmed works on Polash’s mental health, Polash improves but again another dramatic incident shocks him while he is with Dr Ahmed at a natural meditative lonely place; they are robbed by his classmate Petra and her drug addicted team.

Polash goes through sufferings and starts writing to get released from his pain - some years pass away.

Grown up John and Nafiz are together again, they are the bosses of terrorists of Luton (a small town of the East of England) and try to control the neighbouring town Dunstable (another small town of the East of England). So they need more power, intellectual power, therefore they call their childhood friend Polash for a meeting, Polash is very happy to see his two friends after a long time, but his happiness fades away soon knowing that his friends have become even worse plus they are now forcing him to join them, Polash denies, John and Nafiz threat him in return.

Polash doesn’t care his friends’ threat but continues his research on this decaying society, interviews people here and there to know their point of views and writes. He frustrates to see all of his pages are filled with blood, bloodshed everywhere, his mother encourages him to continue his fight with his pen, not to leave the battle field against insanity, Polash continues.

Then, one day John and Nafiz and their pride of being the big gang leaders end up when their junior gang mates conspire and kill them.

Polash feels broken to know such an end of his childhood friends’ lives. Dr Ahmed stands beside him to console him and say that none but John and Nafiz created their own fortune, what the others can do.


Type of film
Running Time
60 mins
Zakir Hossain
Ashuk Ahmed
Joynul Islam
Zakir Hossain
Director of Photography
H H M Munzir
Production Designer
Zakir Hossain
H H M Munzir
Noor Hossain
Principal Cast
Rafiul Anwar, James Readfern, Ashfaq Ahmed, Zia Ali, Kevin Barton, Akkas Abdin

Production status


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Last updated 27th November 2008

Production Company

Sky Visual
Office 1-3
Lockn'Store Building
27 Brunswick Street
Luton, LU2 OHG