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The Book That Wrote Itself


Liam O Mochain's low-budget road movie has all the ingredients that first-time film-makers dream about: Hollywood stars, film prizes and a word-of-mouth buzz that has turned it into an independent Irish hit.

O Mochain stars as Vincent Macken who has written what he believes is the best post-modern novel ever about a hero's quest to win the hand of a princess. But when Macken overhears money-grubby literary agents rubbishing his work he decides to re-set his story in contemporary times and shoot it on video. He hires a video-maker and the two set out together across Ireland. Vincent soon believes he has a hit on his hands, heads for the Venice Film Festival, blags a press pass and tries to convince a number of Hollywood stars to come to Ireland and take part in his film.

Which is pretty much what O Mochain did to get his film made. He recalls "arriving in Venice with our small crew - me as the director- producer-actor and a camera-sound person. We decided to stay at a campsite as it would be in character with the film. And we had no money. Every day we blagged our way into press conferences, chasing anyone that looked vaguely familiar and getting our celeb cameos. We came home triumphant, having interviewed George Clooney, Kenneth Branagh, Melanie Griffith and Robert De Niro. This was enough to get the cast and crew on a high."

The Book That Wrote Itself premiered at Galway in July 1999 and went on to win awards at the Austen and Irish Reels festivals. It was released in Ireland in early August.


Type of film
Liam O Mochain
Paul Dwyer.

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