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The Boys Are Back

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It's never too late to grow up, especially with a little help from your kids. Meet Joe and Artie, two rogues living in a boy's paradise on a sunny street in Queensland, Australia. Only thing is, Joe is a widowed father and Artie is his six year-old son. When Joe lost his wife Katy, his world fell apart. A popular sports writer, always carefree, his days are now spent trying to bond with his feisty son. Joe's recipe for success as a father is to throw out all the rules - late nights, messy bedrooms and junk food are the order of the day.

When Harry, Joe's teenage son from his first marriage, visits on holiday from England, it’s clear that Joe’s game is up. With all the love in the world, Joe can’t control his two sons. After Joe leaves the boys home alone to go on assignment, all hell breaks loose. Faced with losing both Artie and Harry, is Joe man enough to save his family?


Type of film
Scott Hicks
Tim White, Greg Brenman
Alan Cubitt
Principal Cast
Clive Owen, George Mackay, Nicholas McAnulty


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Last updated 28th April 2010

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