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The Collider: Chapter One

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Nishon Glerum


Enter The Collider, a machine built to decode the mysteries of human relationships. Its mission: to identify the corrosive, delightful and mysterious material that passes between people – that keeps us together and pulls us apart. Created for two people at time, the experience guides each person along a journey, directing the movements of both into a choreography that investigates their own relationship with power and control.
Each participant enters separately but, soon, their journeys converge. One enters a virtual world revealing the inner vision of the machine, the other can manipulate the visions and actions of that virtual world. The experience culminates in an unmediated encounter where the pair work out, together, what has happened.
The Collider builds the real choreography of going in and out of VR with another person in the room into a theatrical experience which creates its own spectacle – a dance between two limited humans failing and failing again to see the other’s experience and then, finally, the rush of connection when they do.
From #metoo to Kavanaugh, Brexit to Brazil - The Collider moves from the political to the personal to ask: what do you do with power when you've got it?
Official Selection IDFA 2018 - World premiere


Type of film
Running Time
35 mins
VR theatrical / immersive installation
Anagram (Amy Rose, May Abdalla)
Anagram (Amy Rose, May Abdalla)
Production Designer
Synnove Fredericks
Aaron Cupples, Brigitte Hart
Aaron Cupples, Brigitte Hart
Clarice Hilton, Mike Golembewski
Animation, Technical Artist
Barry Gene Murphy
Interactive Set Assistant
Pete Bennett
Interaction Designer
Mike Golembewski

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Last updated 27th March 2019

Production Company

Amy Rose
May Abdalla