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Across the city organised gangs are fighting for control of the lucrative supply of narcotics but supremacy in this violent world is short-lived as younger, hungrier and more ruthless gangs move up. Against this brutal backdrop Ged Brennan, his younger brother Ratter and their crew pursue a dying trade of old time heists, but with two decades of meticulously planned jobs behind them, Ged is planning to turn his back on this life after one final heist. The problem is that Ratter has long since outgrown the needless danger of Ged's blags and has become increasingly desperate to move into the profitable world of drugs, a world that Ged wants nothing to do with. To make the move Ratter knows that he must cut all links with his brother but, for now, he has his own sinister reasons for staying on board. As the make-or-break heist approaches Ged must summon all of his street nous and killer instinct just to survive, and even then he needs friends in low places to ensure that the stains vanish without trace.


Type of film
Running Time
100 mins
HiDef, 35mm
Adrian Vitoria
Ian Brady, Stephen Salter
Justinian Buckley
Ian Brady, Adrian Vitoria, based on the Novel by Kevin Sampson
Director of Photography
Mark Hamilton
Production Designer
Vanessa Hawkins
Gary Desmond
Principal Cast
Scot Williams, Kenny Doughty, Rory McCann, Stephen Graham

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Last updated 7th January 2009

Production Company

Syndicate Films Limited
179 Wardour Street
London W1F 8WY

T +44 (0)20 3039 3459