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The Cured

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For six years, Europe was plagued by a devastating virus that transformed humans into zombie-like monsters. As mankind struggled to control the pandemic, the great hope of a cure was found.
Senan has been through hell. When the plague swept across Ireland he was among the thousands afflicted and rendered into rabid ghouls. Senan did horrible things he cannot forget — and neither can the public, nor the authorities charged with policing those released from captivity. Senan's sister-in-law Abbie, however, is willing to give him a second chance. She lets him live with her and her young son, believing that Senan's actions while infected were beyond his control. But as an angry anti-cured movement burgeons in tandem with an increasingly radicalized pro-cured movement, Abbie is forced to question just how far her trust should be pushed.
Official Selection BFI London Film Festival 2017 - Cult Strand


Type of film
Running Time
95 mins
David Freyne 1st Feature
Rachael O’Kane, Rory Dungan, Ellen Page
Executive Producer
Conor Dennison, Aaron Farrell, John Keville
Chris Gill
David Freyne
Director of Photography
Piers McGrail
Production Designer
Conor Dennison
Jens Rosenlund Petersen
Rory Friers, Niall Kennedy
Principal Cast
Ellen Page, Sam Keeley, Stuart Graham, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Amy De Bhrún

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Last updated 27th September 2017

Production Company

Ireland, UK, France coproduction

A Tilted Pictures (IE), Bac Films (FR) film produced in association with Savage Productions (IE), Cured Films (UK)

Cured Films
c/o Rory Dungan
Tilted Pictures Ltd


Bac Films Distribution
9, Rue Pierre Dupont
Paris 75010
+33 1 80 49 10 00