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The Devil's Chair

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The Devil’s Chair is a dark and terrifying journey into the very depths of insanity, a violent, twisted look beyond the surface, into what lurks in the shadows. Nick takes his girlfriend to an abandoned Asylum searching for good times, but she is brutally assaulted by unseen forces and Nick is accused of murder. Years later, Nick is released from a mental institution into the care of an eminent psychiatrist, Dr Willard. Accompanied by a research team of students, Nick is taken by Willard to the scene of the crime. However, the asylum hides a devastating secret and they now face mortal danger. Nick must fight back to save his friends and prove his innocence. As he fights the demented creatures of evil that haunt the asylum, events build ever closer to a brutal, gut wrenching climax where nothing is what it seems, and everyone is ripe for the slaughter.


Type of film
Running Time
90 mins
Adam Mason
Nadya Brand, Patrick Ewald
Adam Mason, Simon Boyes
Director of Photography
Ole Bratt Birkeland
Principal Cast
Andrew Howard, Elize du Toit, Matt Berry, David Gant, Louise Griffiths

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Last updated 22nd November 2007

Production Company

Easy Street Productions Limited


Renegade Worldwide
10203 Santa Monica
Fifth Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90067

T +1 310 843 0223
F +1 310 553 9895