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The Devil's Plantation

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Elemental Films Ltd


The Devil’s Plantation is a haunting psychogeographic journey into the past; a search for the magic in ordinary places.
In the 1980s archaeologist Harry Bell came to believe that Glasgow - a city built and re-built on over centuries - was laid out to a hidden design. For years he investigated the lost corners and invisible history of the landscape, plotting his 'Secret Geometry'.
Unknown to Harry, psychiatric patient Mary Ross also wandered the city, visiting many of the same significant places. Her medical case file reveals a poignant quest to understand her troubled past and present.
The Devil's Plantation unites the lives of these two strangers. By retracing their steps to complete the work Harry left unfinished at the time of his death, The Devil's Plantation tells a timeless story of how we all live.


Type of film
Running Time
93 mins
May Miles Thomas
May Miles Thomas
Principal Cast
Gary Lewis, Kate Dickie

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Last updated 6th March 2013

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Elemental Films Limited
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