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The Dinner Party

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Colin Smith


Luke has a good job, great friends and a fantastic social life. He lives in his dream flat in London, where he was born and raised.

Jessica lives in the Lancashire countryside. Both are unhappy, despite their fortunate lives. Until Now! Luke has allowed us access into his life, as he says goodbye to the hustle and bustle of London and travels up north to be with his one true love, Jesse.

We follow Jesse and Luke as they begin living together as a real couple. We follow this couple as they begin to live their own personal dream, of sharing each moment together.

Jesse has arranged a surprise dinner party and has invited several friends to welcome him into village life, which is an innocent and loving thing to do, until it descends into a nightmare that simply doesn't want to end.

As the alcohol flows freely, tempers begin to flare and the conversation gets heated, and then just one more unwelcomed guest; a guest that insists on joining the party and delivering a brand of brutal truth that captures the attention of the rowdy bunch and one that is about to unlock the very darkest of secrets.


Type of film
Running Time
95 mins
Si Wall
Rebecca-Clare Evans, Janet Spooner
Rebecca-Clare Evans, Janet Spooner
Elodie Quelo
Concept by Si Wall
Director of Photography
Natalie Smith
Little Volcanoes, The Suddas, Kev Fox, The Soviet, The Ruse, Honeybreath, The Amazing Broken Man, Exit Calm, Dead Celebs, Harrison Hope, Deadbeat, Echoes, The Tides, David Anthony Affleck, Where's Strutter
Principal Cast
Emily Sidone, Janice Pearson, Rebecca-Clare Evans, Tilly Brooke, Holly Matthews, Marco Radice, Steven Garry, Michael Bond
Unit Publicist
Martin Shine
Production Coordinator
Mary Holbrook
Music Coordinator
Ewan Saum


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Last updated 23rd July 2010