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The Dream That Jack Built

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Jack is on his slow descent into psychosis after being physiologically worn down by the mysterious Entity. The Entity is a culmination of all Jack's dark desires and wants that have built up throughout his life however it is a separate being in itself. Jack has no power in life and eventually gives in to his weaknesses. Depravity, impurity. Jack caves in and enters the dream world offered by The Entity as his personal plane of existence where he is Lord and master. It may have been a beautiful place if it were not twisted by the growing taint within Jack. It is a nightmarish realm of turmoil, suffering and perverted excess. However Jack does not have long to enjoy his new home or explore the powers offered, Jack thinks he has mastered the being known as The Entity but it is all a illusion. While Jack sips on luxurious whiskeys and foods The Entity has breached into the real world and stands over Jack ready to consume his life energies and move on to his next victim.


Type of film
Running Time
3 mins 51 secs
Digital - Apple Prores 422
Luca D'Angelo
Leila D'Angelo
Director of Photography
Luca D'Angelo
Production Designer
Luca D'Angelo
Luca D'Angelo
Magnus Koch
Principal Cast
Surena Atro

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Last updated 24th October 2017

Production Company

Luca D'Angelo