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The Final Reel

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A feature-length documentary, narrated by celebrated actor Sir John Hurt, telling the fascinating and ever changing story of how cinemas have developed from the travelling showmen to the present day.
This narrative, away from the usual urban centres, tells a different story of the rural and seaside towns of England.
For many people their local cinema is one of their favourite places in the world, their spiritual home, and their last community space. This film celebrates the local cinema – past and present – and our timeless obsession with the buildings, films, film stars and the people that spend their lives in thrall of them.
Featuring a mix of actuality, interviews and archive material, the film offers an entertaining overview of the history of cinema-going in Norfolk and a snapshot of cinema-going in England today. Meeting some of the colourful characters that are a key part of this history and hearing how they kept the audiences coming back.
The documentary also poses the question – is this the final reel for the cinema or just another chapter in its ongoing story?


Type of film
Running Time
94 mins
Red Dragon 5K
Jonathan Blagrove 1st Feature
Marc Atkinson
Jonathan Blagrove
Executive Producer
Claire Chapman, Guy Martin
John Fensom
Marc Atkinson, Jonathan Blagrove
Director of Photography
Christopher Sharman
Julian Bale, Roscoe Gibson-Denney, Bennet Maples, Jake Kenny
Alex Ball
Principal Cast
John Hurt (narration)


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Last updated 31st August 2016

Production Company

A Coda Films Ltd. production with the support of Cinema City Education and Heritage Lottery Fund

Coda Films Ltd.