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The Flirting Club

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Some people are beyond help when it comes to meeting someone. An American Pie meets Male Bridget Jones.

Jamie, age 29 going on 12, loser, virgin, stumbles upon a group of misfits who meet every week above a pub in order to discover the secrets of love, relationships and finding the perfect partner. The Flirting Club. Is it the answer to what he is searching for?

Jamie has one month to meet a real girl otherwise he has to marry Laura 'the human pig' from next door. Inadvertently hampered by his best mate Bill, stuck with a schoolboy infatuation with his Hot Boss, two left feet and zero pulling skills an accidental encounter with his local flirting club, might just hold all the answers. The group of six, thirty-something singles and Miriam, their teacher who has an unusual approach to flirting success, seem unlikely to succeed. But as everyone knows the course to true love is never easy and the gang of misfits soon learn that getting it right is more about being yourself then trying to be someone else.


Type of film
Running Time
90 mins
Alex Jovy, James Bedford
Alex Jovy, James Bedford
Karoline Mosser
Alex Jovy, James Bedford, Steven Skinner
Director of Photography
Tristam Cones
Production Designer
Justin Warburton-Brown
Lynda Regnier
Guy Farley
Principal Cast
Ricardo Di Gregorio, Melanie Denholme, Daniel Morrisey, Simon Cummins, Justine Powell, Terry Alderton, Johnny Spurling, Gina Murray, Lisa Holsappel-Marrs, Mary-Jane Amor, Des Brittain, Sue Parker-Nutley


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Last updated 31st December 2009

Production Company

FlirtingClubFilms Ltd

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