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The Garden

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Based on the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, Derek Jarman's nearly wordless visual narrative intercuts two main stories and a couple of minor ones. A woman, perhaps the Madonna, brings forth her baby to a crowd of intrusive paparazzi; she tries to flee them. Two men who are lovers marry and are arrested by the powers that be. The men are mocked and pilloried, tarred, feathered, and beaten. Loose in this contemporary world of electrical-power transmission lines is also Jesus. The elements, particularly fire and water, content with political power, which is intolerant and murderous. THE GARDEN was originally screened in the Forum programme of the Berlinale in 1991, garnering an OCIC Award - Honourable Mention.
Official Selection Berlinale 2019 - Forum Archival Constellations


Type of film
Running Time
95 mins
Derek Jarman
James Mackay
Peter Cartwright
Director of Photography
Christopher Hughes
Production Designer
Derek Brown, Christopher Hobbs
Simon Fisher-Turner
Principal Cast
Tilda Swinton, Johnny Mills, Philip MacDonald, Pete Lee-Wilson, Spencer Lee, Roger Cook
Costume Design
Annie Symons
Digital Restoration
British Film Institute, Halo Post London

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Last updated 4th February 2019

Production Company

Basilik Communications
James Mackay
+44 (0) 1463 715347


Basilik Communications
James Mackay
+44 (0) 1463 715347