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The Ghost of Greville Lodge

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Alex Warman


A traditional ghost story for the whole family.

Teenager James Greville has lived in children's homes his whole life. So he's surprised when a distant Great Uncle invites him to stay at his home: Greville Lodge. A quiet old man, Great Uncle has a thoughtful, haunted manner. Even the jollity of Sarah the housekeeper hides sadness underneath.

James becomes swiftly convinced the house is haunted. He wakes to strange sounds . . . he glimpses movement in the shadows . . . he sees a figure watching him. The more hauntings that occur, the more driven he is to find out about the house; the more he uncovers, the more frequent the hauntings become.

One night he wakes to find himself back in the past, in the middle of events which will explain, once and for all, the secret of the house. A forbidden friendship between the Master's son and two of the servants that culminated in a tragic accident, destroying happiness at Greville Lodge for decades.

But why is James reliving these events? Is it because only he can settle matters that have laid untouched and forgotten . . . ? Is it because both Sarah and Great Uncle need to remember what happened, so that their pain can finally subside . . . ?


Type of film
Running Time
Betacam Sp, Digi Beta
Niall Johnson
Noel Cronin
Executive Producer
Noel Cronin
David Thrasher
Niall Johnson
Director of Photography
Gordon Hickie
Sean Millar, James Pursey, Chris Domaille
Jason Flinter, Craig Johnson
Principal Cast
George Cole, Prunella Scales, Jon Newman, Billy Smith, Rebecca Weeks


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