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The Honeytrap

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London, the present. Catherine and Jonathan are planning to get married. But Jonathan - a high-flying corporate lawyer - spends most of his evenings out with clients and his glamorous assistant Emily. Catherine feels increasingly lonely and deserted and begins to suspect that Jonathan is having an affair.

In despair, she turns to her best friend, Renée, who introduces her to Jeremy, a private detective. He proposes setting up a 'honeytrap' for Catherine's husband-to-be, a meeting with an attractive woman to test his fidelity. But Jonathan withstands the honeytrap woman's advances, and so the wedding goes ahead as planned.

Catherine's worst fears become true when Jeremy finds out that Jonathan has been meeting the honeytrap woman again. Jonathan, meanwhile, suspects that Catherine has hired a private detective to follow him. When the 'honeytrap' woman is murdered, Catherine immediately suspects Jonathan while Jonathan suspects Catherine of being involved. Catherine seeks refuge with Jeremy, only to find that he too suspects her of murdering the woman.


Type of film
35mm Kodak
Michael Günther
Madeleine Lim
Liz Roe
Michael Günther
Director of Photography
Tony Miller
Ashok-Kumar Kumar
Principal Cast
Emily Lloyd, Valerie Edmond, Anthony Green, Stuart McQuarrie, Zoe Eeles, Natalie Walter


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Last updated 26th November 2005

Production Company

Honeytrap Productions Ltd.
Contact: Madeleine Lim
2 Wedgwood Mews
12-13 Greek Street
London W1V 5LE

T 020 7734 7763
F 020 7734 7753