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The Jigsaw of Life

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The Jigsaw of Life is an emotional thriller, exploring love, friendship, betrayal, anger, vengeance and enlightenment. The film is set over the course of Duncan's life. His childhood is shown from the arrival of his stepfather, Michael. Duncan's mother, Faye, inadvertently allows them to get trapped in a suffocating atmosphere that slowly poisons them. We see how the young Duncan deals with the situation at home and how it changes him and shapes him for later life. Duncan then moves away to university, where he experiences happiness for the first time, and falls in love with Clara. A close betrayal by his so-called friend, Keith, then starts a chain reaction that leads to him quitting university and losing all direction. Duncan has made a great friend at university, Lee, who sticks with him through thick and thin, as Duncan tries to find some understanding and reasoning in the world. He then meets Pete, who suggests the concept of the jigsaw of life, and this helps Duncan move on and look to the future. Duncan eventually comes face to face with Keith again, and their ultimate confrontation sparks the final climactic scenes.


Type of film
Running Time
110 mins
Mark McDermott 1st Feature
Vanessa Judd
Vanessa Judd
Mark McDermott
Mark McDermott
Aaryk Noctivagus
Principal Cast
Nick Hooton, Kelvin Jonck, Lauren Kivits, Max Dorey

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