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The Lives of the Saints

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Alisa Connan


The Lives of the Saints is a dark and bizarre morality tale.

The story unfolds in the cafés, clubs and shops of Green Lanes, where Mr Karva is the boss: a ridiculous yet dangerous man. Othello, his stepson, is the young pretender, palling around with his girlfriend Tina and his weak-willed lackey Emilio. Life revolves around socialising, gambling and trying to scrape a modest living.

But that lifestyle is about to be thrown into disarray by an otherworldly, sickly-looking 10-year- old child. Mr Karva's errand boy, Roadrunner, stumbles across the child in the park and offloads the bizarre find into Othello's basement.

Thus begins an exhilaratingly strange series of events. It seems that the child is able to grant others their innermost desires... Soon Othello's dreams of limitless wealth are becoming reality. And true to form, his tyrannical stepfather wants to muscle in on the action.

It's Paradise on the streets of north London, but family ties and relationships are becoming increasingly strained and as Mr Karva himself says, 'every Paradise got its serpent'. He persuades the unstable Emilio to take the matter into his own hands, and the tale plummets towards its tragic conclusion.

The Lives of the Saints is a truly original, modern-day fable, which warns that what we wish for is not always what we need.


Type of film
Running Time
100 mins
Rankin, Chris Cottam 1st Feature
Augusto Romano
Executive Producer
Augusto Romano
Chris Gill
Tony Grisoni
Director of Photography
Baz Irvine
David Lascelles
Rob Lane
Principal Cast
James Cosmo, Marc Warren, David Leon, Emma Pierson, Bronson Webb, Sam MacLintock, Gillian Kearney, Daon Broni, James Cook, Jude Cook, Paddy Fletcher


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Production Company

Dazed Film & TV
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London EC1V 9BG

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