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The Man With Rain In His Shoes

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Victor Bukowski is an out-of-work actor with problems. He's got a lousy agent, he makes a habit of falling out with directors - and he's still in love with his ex-girlfriend Sylvia - who's marrying Dave tomorrow. Victor blames himself for causing the break-up of the relationship by telling her he was having an affair, and he refuses to let the past go. In desperation he has resorted to slashing his rival's tyres, bombarding Sylvia with flowers, losing all self respect in a vain effort to win her back. He discusses this with his exasperated best mate Freddy, the local tobacconist and anyone else who'll listen. And there's no love lost between Victor and Sylvia's best friend Alison. She thinks he's a phoney, neurotic clown - and she doesn't rate him much as an actor either. But Victor knows he and Sylvia had something special, something unrepeatable, and if only he'd played by the rules...

When he pours his heart out to sympathetic barmaid Diane, he finds himself embarking on an unexpected and magical emotional journey, meeting aspiring novelist Louise along the way. Drunk and dishevelled, Victor stumbles into the pouring rain and decides to end it all. But then a dustcart appears over the bridge and Victor is rescued by two dustmen Rafael and Don Miguel. Just how different would life be if Victor could go back to that warm August Bank Holiday...


Type of film
Maria Ripoll
Jon Slan, Gareth Jones
Director of Photography
Javier Salmones
Principal Cast
Douglas Henshall, Lena Headey, Penelope Cruz, Mark Strong, Charlotte Coleman and Elizabeth McGovern
Executive Screen Writer
Rafa Russo


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