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The Mayor's Race

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Loraine Blumenthal

  • Loraine Blumenthal

    Loraine Blumenthal


A mixed-race child, Marvin Rees grew up in Bristol's ghettos in the UK with prostitution, violence and poverty on a daily basis. Ever since, Marvin had the desire to go against the injustices he experienced and decides to run for mayor.
As a complete amateur, he steps into the world of politics. Despite his charisma and intellect, his biggest battle is believing anyone will take this black guy from the ghetto serious.
In a tight race, he must accept his loss in front of rolling cameras. Though feeling personally ashamed, losing has even a greater significance as the city carries a history of exclusion and racism.
Bristol was part of the slave trade, was struck by a civil rights movement in the 1960's inspired by Martin Luther King and had the black youth revolting in the 1980's, which caused a nationwide riot. Today it is the increasing fear of muslims that shatters the city.
Despite his doubts, Marvin decides to run again. More professional, stronger and with the vital support of the muslim community. Will he manage to break the circle of history and become the first mayor of African decent of a city in Europe?


Type of film
Running Time
80 mins
Loraine Blumenthal 1st Feature
Rob Mitchell
Executive Producer
Loraine Blumenthal
Lucian Busse
Director of Photography
Loraine Blumenthal
Rob Mitchell, Shawn Sobers
Principal Cast
Marvin Rees, Paul Stephenson, Hibaq Jama

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Last updated 7th December 2018

Production Company

Loraine Blumenthal
Nogatstraße 19
12051 Berlin


Loraine Blumenthal
Nogatstraße 19
12051 Berlin / Germany
info@themayorsracefilm.comLoraine Blumenthal
Nogatstraße 19
12051 Berlin