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The Mystery of DB Cooper

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On November 24, 1971, a man calling himself Dan Cooper, wearing a black suit and raincoat, carrying only a briefcase, walked up to the Northwest Orient desk at Portland airport and bought a $20 one-way ticket to Seattle. Once on the plane he hands a note to a stewardess saying he has a bomb in his briefcase and demands that a selection of parachutes and a briefcase containing $200K in cash are brought to him as soon as the plane lands in Seattle. The FBI hastily gather the ransom and parachutes then drive onto the tarmac at Seattle airport to meet the plane. Cooper allows the passengers to go free and instructs the plane to take off again. A half-hour later, somewhere over Washington State, Cooper jumps. He is never seen again. Within hours, the FBI embarks on the largest search operation in its history, using spy-planes, helicopters, submarines and speedboats. They draft in hundreds of soldiers and recreate the exact flight path and jump site. Despite this, Cooper is not found. Over the years, Cooper’s identity has always remained out of reach. But 46 years later, the search has been narrowed down to four compelling suspects.


Type of film
John Dower
Executive Producer
Morgan Matthews


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