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The Novelist

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Leo Mumford


Jerry Downing is an aspiring novelist who has an ego problem that is turning him into a monster in his household. He is an unformed, incomplete human being that has flaws in his personality. His ordinary world is one where he signs on the dole, checks-in for agency work and watches television over meals. One of his flatmates, Julia Wells, sees his problem and encourages him to give up his novel writing and find a full-time job where he will meet his other half. He refuses the call to adventure because he has been sacked from previous jobs because as a result of writing his novel during working hours. His other flatmate, Kerry Cerberus, invites him to go salsa dancing with her. He declines the offer, suddenly aware of her feelings for him.

Whilst searching for work, Jerry comes across his father who is also unemployed and off to sign on the dole. This highlights the inadequate role models and male figures in his life that have groomed him towards unemployment. He realises that he has to battle against his own nature in order to rise above his situation. He determines in his mind that he will find a job.


Type of film
Running Time
75 mins
Jason Young 1st Feature
Mari Ellingson, Claudette Young
Mari Ellingson, Claudette Young
Alessandro Sfligiotti
Jason Young
Director of Photography
Leo Mumford
Production Designer
Mari Ellingson
Olivia Chisci, Francesca De Marchi
Simon Blight
Principal Cast
Wesley Theobald, Tracy Green, Serena Scott, Clare Buckingham, Darcy Ida, Hannah Isherwood, Stephanie Tripp, Greg Cheverall, Raymond Coker, David Ross Elliott, Sonya Titus


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Last updated 4th December 2009

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Clapham South Productions
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Tooting Broadway
London SW17 0QJ

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