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The Point Of Regret


Yorkshire, 1978.

A mother, father and their 3 year old son are murdered. There is no motive.

Incredibly the killer manages to hide the 3 year old's body somewhere the police never find.

The killer was their 12 year old son William.

Malvern, 30 years later.

Ryan is 33. He's an under achieving reporter for a local newspaper.

So why is William, now released and with a new identity, giving Ryan the chance to tell his story to the world?

Because William wants to die and Ryan holds the key. 5 pills being developed by his wife's company.

Can Ryan convince Karen that she should take the risk to get them?

Ryan has 5 meetings to get the story. He has to find out where the 3 year old's body is. Each meeting costs a pill. It's Russian Roulette where every pill could spell the end of William, the secret lost forever.

Ryan also has a secret that will change his life, but the only person who can tell him is his dead father.

In an end, amidst the anger, the bitterness and the demented theories of a tortured mind, this is actually a story of courage, sacrifice and love.


Type of film
Running Time
94 mins
Simon Tate 1st Feature
Simon Tate, David Francis, Penny Westley
Simon Tate
Director of Photography
David Francis
Mark Farmer
Andy Stuteley
Principal Cast
Chris Hatherall, AJ Nicol, Lucy Studd, Craig Rogers

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Production Company

Emanation Films Ltd
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